Chance2Be Pracitioner

Do you believe in the capability of animals to help people as we do? Are you someone who would like to join our exciting new project that supports children and young people who might need a little extra help, whilst also working alongside our horses?

At Mane Chance, we have created a programme that has received interest and support from professionals working in education and Mental Health fields. Combining recognised mindfulness practices with quality time spent with our horses, the aim is to bring together horses and young people, with mutual benefit. Young people may have low mood, confidence, anxiety and self-esteem issues and they could all gain so much from time spent with our supportive and non-judgmental herd. This is not therapy in any way – it is a programme designed to improve social skills, self-esteem or just to increase the ability to deal with life’s ups and downs. And all of this is done with the help of our horses.

We are looking for practitioners to join us in the delivery of this unique set of sessions. Due to the nature of the programme, we are bringing together people with different skills to create a complete team when they work together.

The mindfulness practitioner should be an accredited mindfulness teacher who has been running courses for at least a year and has experience in leading meditation exercises. In addition, you do need to have some equine experience and to be confident around horses as you will also spend time with our herd.

The equine practitioner should have experience of working with horses and be willing to adapt to our slightly more unconventional method of horse care. The gentle way we work with the horses not only enhances their emotional and physical rehabilitation, but helps to provide an unusually calm environment for others to spend time with them, a crucial element of our programme.

As one of our practitioners, you will be working in a small team of three with up to nine children in a group. Whilst not essential, any experience with working with young people would be desirable and you will be DBS checked as part of the recruitment process. Initially, you will undertake training on the course delivery and then work alongside other practitioners to run courses of eight weekly sessions. You must also be available to work weekends, as most of the young people taking part are of school-age – you will be paid £60 per weekly session of two hours.

This is a hugely exciting opportunity to be part of a new initiative that has great potential to make a difference to those who need a little help. There is a growing body of scientific research that underpins the efficacy of mindfulness based therapeutic work and animal/human therapeutic work. We believe that our combination of the two skills will be the start of a very exciting journey for many young people.

If you would like to apply to join us, please send a CV with a covering letter by email to or by post to Mane Chance Sanctuary, Monkshatch Garden Farm, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DL.

Closing date for applications is Friday 28th July.