We are delighted to share details of Chance2Be- a programme designed to help young people who need a bit of extra support when dealing with life’s ups and downs. The course of sessions gives them the opportunity to learn how to improve their social skills, their self- esteem and to feel more in control of themselves, by working in partnership with our horses

We have structured the course so that skills develop over the weeks, and these concepts are taken into the field with our herd and applied and developed with the horses acting as teachers too. Our herd provide a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment in which to learn. By actively studying the behaviour of the horses in their natural herd environment, and by nurturing a quiet awareness, the young people will be given tools which encourage compassion towards themselves and others.

There is a growing body of scientific research that underpins the efficacy of animal/human therapeutic work. We believe that our combination of the two skills will be the start of a exciting journey for many young people.

We believe the programme will provide a unique opportunity for many children and young people to share friendship and compassion with our horses who have been through some very tough times themselves, and each other. It is at the heart of the programme that the horses are considered and also in some way benefit from the work they are doing with the children.

It is one way that we are able to complete our circle of care – help us help them – and is what Mane Chance is all about.

If you would like any further information regarding Chance2Be sessions, please email us at Chance2Be@manechancesanctuary.org