Everyone can help us with our community fundraising efforts, whether you live close to the sanctuary itself or not! If you have a particular talent, like baking, and wish to use that to raise money for us then we would be delighted. However, even if you don’t a talent that lends itself to fundraising there are still lots of ways in which you can help.

Here are just a few suggestions
there are lots of different ways of raising money and there’s definitely something for everyone!

  • Sponsored events – Anything goes! From a sponsored head shave to sponsored dog walk, whatever takes your fancy!
  • Host a bring and buy sale. You might combine this with a coffee morning and raise even more money by making a small charge for coffee and homemade cakes.
  • Take a space at a car boot sale and give the proceeds to Mane Chance. This way you kill two birds with one stone so to speak – you get to de-clutter at home and our horses benefit from your clear out!
  • For those of you who work in offices, schools, hospitals etc, ask your colleagues to pay 20p to guess the name of the bear or the number of sweets in the jar. You’ll be surprised at just how competitive people can get!
  • Have a swearbox either at home or at work. Dispense with the bad language and help our horses at the same time!

Please email us pictures of your fundraising event to office@manechancesanctuary.org and we will put as many as possible up on our Facebook page!

Rattling a tin is one of the best ways of raising money and you might like to do either a street collection or rattle a tin for Mane Chance in your local supermarket. Street collections and shop collections need to be organised well in advance and we are very happy to help you with setting up a collection. We can also provide you with everything you need t – collecting tin, Mane Chance stickers, collectors’ ID, and an item of clothing with the MCS logo for you to wear on the day.

Please get in touch with us at office@manechancesanctuary.org to find out more about collecting for Mane Chance.