DoE – Group 3

We are delighted to welcome our latest Duke of Edinburgh group of 6, soon to be 9, to the Sanctuary. They’re all going for their Bronze award, except one who is going for the Silver. Duke of Edinburgh participation plays a big part in Sanctuary life and it’s lovely when the newbies arrive all enthusiastic and raring to go. In fairness, our shetlands love it too – they get lots of extra attention while the guys and girls go about their weekly routines.

First week is all about getting to know the site, the do’s and don’ts of health and safety and meeting everyone – those with both 2 and 4 legs!!! Poo picking (of course) is always on the agenda, then some grooming with the Shetties – yes there are right ways and wrong ways to groom – and then, finally taking them for a walk…… The group adapted well to the regime and I think they are all looking forward to getting stuck in over the next few weeks.