Duke of Edinburgh – Autumn 2017

Duke of Edinburgh participation plays a big part in Sanctuary life and it’s lovely when the newbies arrive all enthusiastic and raring to go. In fairness, our shetlands love it too – they get lots of extra attention while the guys and girls go about their weekly routines.

The latest nine students in our group have just completed their three month volunteering at Mane Chance as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and finished up as enthusiastically as they started. Working for two hours every Saturday morning they helped care for the horses, large and small, as well as undertaking other tasks such as planting 350 heathers, clearing conkers, filling raised beds and planting whips to create a hedge row. All essential tasks around a very busy farm.

They worked with great enthusiasm, forming new friendships and a deeper understanding of the work of Mane Chance in not just rehabilitating rescued horses but caring for them in a loving and respectful manner. They also learned that giving love to any animal yields so much in return but also, sometimes, virtue is its own reward.

We wish them all the very best of luck in the rest of their school year and also want to thank Di, Nicky and Freda for giving their time so generously and leading the 12 weeks.