We are so pleased to be taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme by welcoming students to the Sanctuary as part of the volunteering element of their challenge. It is such a rewarding opportunity for us as a Charity to share our horses and their care with young people that are giving so much of their time to help others – especially when there are so many other distractions in life now.

We offer a twelve week programme of two hour sessions on Saturday mornings, helping us with the feeding and grooming of the horses, the endless maintenance jobs on the site whilst also learning about the workings of our Charity. But more importantly, we help our students learn our method of interaction with the herd and we make sure that they have lots of time to spend in the company of our horses, just forming friendships and sharing trust. It’s such a privilege to have a herd of horses that can be really fantastic teachers of mutual respect and understanding between animals and humans and we are delighted to promote that education by having such programmes running on site.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a wonderful initiative for our Charity to link with and we will look forward to offering more placements throughout the year.

Please contact us if you are completing your Duke of Edinburgh Award and would like to join us for the volunteering element of your award. You can contact us at nicky@manechancesanctuary.org – we would love to talk to you!

In the meantime, please see what our latest group of students are up to when they were with us……