It’s important that everybody makes a will to ensure that the people you wish to benefit from your assets are able to do so. Unfortunately, if you don’t leave a will, there’s a good chance that your wishes will not be carried out.

Most people choose to leave the majority of their estate to their family and loved ones. However, you may also choose to leave a gift to Mane Chance as well, and there are a number of different ways in which you can do this.

If your main priority is providing for your family but you would also like to remember Mane Chance in your will we suggest you ask your solicitor about a reversionary legacy. This will enable you to leave your assets to a named individual for the duration of their lifetime but also decide who should benefit when they have passed away. More information can be found by following the links below:
Types of gifts

There are three main types of gifts which you may like to consider.

  • Leaving us a share of your assets ( a residuary legacy)
    You may like to consider leaving us a percentage of your ‘estate’ (assets) after all debts, funeral costs and pecuniary gifts have been paid. This type of gift is particularly good for us as it will not be negatively affected by inflation over the years. If you already have a will written, it is easy to add this type of gift in as it will not affect any specific sums that you have already allocated to family and friends
  • Leaving us a fixed sum of money (a pecuniary legacy)
    You may like to leave Mane Chance a specific sum of money. This can be index-linked to safeguard its future value.
  • You may like to leave us a specific item of value (specific legacy)
    You may choose to leave us a particular item of value which we can sell to raise funds to support the work we do. Items that people might typically consider leaving include pieces of jewellery, antiques, shares, bonds or property.

Your tax position
Once you have reached the inheritance tax threshold, anything you leave will be taxed at 40 per cent. However, gifts left to registered charities such as Mane Chance are not taxable. In practical terms this means that the loved ones who stand to benefit from your will could have their tax bill reduced by up to 40 per cent.

Writing your will
If you have not yet written a Will, the best place to start is by contacting your local solicitor. Whereas ‘off the shelf’ Wills may result in something important to you being overlooked, a solicitor will ensure that absolutely everything you need to cover is included in your Will.

Amending your will
If you already have a Will drawn up but would like to make simple changes or additions, you can use a Codicil to add a gift to Mane Chance into your latest will without the need to visit your solicitor. If you only wish to make simple changes then a Codicil form will be ideal. However, if you wish to make major changes we would recommend that you do see a solicitor with a view to having your Will redrafted.
You can download a Codicil form here:
(click to download form)
Just like a Will, your signature on the Codicil will need to be witnessed by two adults. Once completed, the Codicil form should be kept together with the latest copy of your Will.

Talking to us about leaving a gift to Mane Chance
If you would like to discuss the possibility of leaving a gift to Mane Chance in your will or if you have any other queries relating to the writing of your will please do either email us at or call us on 01483 351526. We’re always very happy to chat to you about options that are available and also answer any specific queries you may have about legacies.

Please click here to download our Codicil form