Sitting in my wheelchair,
Feeling sad and only ten,
I never would have thought
That I could ever soar again.
While everybody loved me,
In the prison of my mind,
My spirit longed for freedom,
And to leave the wheels behind.

Our carers took us on a trip,
As they often had before,
But this one was quite different,
I couldn’t wish for more.
We went to meet some horses,
At a sanctuary called ‘Mane Chance’,
And one horse in particular
Just made my spirit dance.

He looked me calmly in the eye,
Deep down within my soul,
He never saw my little legs
But made me feel quite whole.
He trusted me, I trusted him,
We cuddled, for a while,
We truly love each other
And he makes me laugh and smile.

I see him very often now,
For we are bestest friends,
We share each other’s problems,
And I pray this never ends.
I feel just like a princess,
And he, my mighty steed,
The burdens of our lives are gone,
We have been truly freed.

A Poem by Ronnie Wilkie