We have wonderful news – We have rescued 4 Welsh mares from being euthanised. There are three greys and a chestnut and they have been a closed herd in the same field for many, many years. The RSPCA and World Horse Welfare had both been called in to take over their care. When neither of this charities were able to take the horses long term, we were approached as otherwise certain death loomed.

We have been delighted to welcome them to Mane Chance and will be working to get their trust over the next few months as they haven’t been handled for years. They are very sweet mares with great curiosity and although they are nervous of being touched they have no aggression in them as they have never been cruelly treated (apart from the chestnut who may well have been abused before she joined the three greys) and so we hope it is just a matter of time before we can start integrating them into our work at the sanctuary.

We always work at the horses pace and the next few months will be all about getting them to trust our presence, our touch and then the headcollar which in turn will lead to vet treatment, progressive strength worming, farrier work and all the other essential care that horses need, especially when they haven’t had it for a few years. They are in quarantine for now and when they come out of that, they will be able to start full integration work.

Click here to watch the video of their arrival here. The people in white overalls are in quarantine suits – a necessary precaution to ensure that no infectious condition that the new mares might have, can be spread. This is a safety measure that will last for four weeks and is in place to protect the other horses.

We will update their progress here and hope that you will share in their journey with us. There will be plenty of milestones!!! We have set up a fund for their care and many veterinary needs. DONATIONS CAN BE MADE HERE. Our target is £2000 – which equates to £500 for each mare to get us going. Anything you give us for them will make a difference – no matter how big or small – it will all go to their care.