Pond Week

For a few years, Jenny has harboured a dream of having a pond at the sanctuary for many reasons – to assist with the land drainage, to educate about nature and as part of the feng shui strategy for the site energy. Next Sunday at our Open Day, Eamonn Holmes, will officially unveil this dream. Everyday this week, we will bring you images of the pond along it’s development path.

Day 1. Pictures are from the very beginning, right back in the middle of January when the plans started to take shape. Lots of string, digging, scratching of heads and stroking of beards…..











Day 2. After weather delays and so on, the heavy duty plant work was finished at the end of April and we started to let the pond fill naturally. The pond is a natural pond, with no liner. These photos were mid May when we started to started to introduce some plants. Needless to say there was the obligatory canine supervision…..










Day 3. By the end of May, the pond was filling nicely and then in July, the serious work started. Plans for the bridge were finalised and the abutments to support it were built. As always, canine water quality testing was on high alert…….










Day 4. End of July and beginning of August saw big strides. Supports for the bridge were dropped into position, the first part of the bridge was structure tested and the path all around the pond was dug out and lined with gravel boards……






Day 5.  Early August – the Yorkstone water feature gets underway and the base is laid for the path around the pond. The electrics for the pond pump are installed – it wasn’t entirely our intention to give the dogs their own personal drinking fountain….

















Day 6.  Last Day before the big reveal. Pond is done, prepped for its big day and the ribbon is ready. Here are a few teasers. Tomorrow will be a very special day …