We are delighted to announce details of our new initiative, ‘Share a Shettie’. This is a unique opportunity to spend time with a young friend or family member whilst caring for one of our lovely Ponies.

Adults (over 18) are invited to bring a son, daughter, grandchild, godchild, niece, nephew or just a friend (8-17 years), along for the day and experience the joy of spending time with the shetties. The session will last 4 hours and will include activities such as feeding, poo-picking, grooming and exercising the ponies. Bring a packed lunch with you and a wonderful day is guaranteed. A member of our team will be allocated to each couple and there will be a maximum of 4 couples per session.

The fee is just £25 per couple and the children will receive a certificate of thanks at the end of the day. Places are limited and will be allocated to the dates on a first come, first served basis. At the moment, the following are the available dates :

Tuesday 24th October – There are only 2 places remaining for this day

And then dates in the New Year – ideal for Christmas or Birthday presents –

Thursday 15th February
Thursday 5th April
Thursday 12th April

Places can be booked by emailing office@manechancesanctuary.org stating your first and second date preference and including name and age of child and your contact phone number.


Lydia and Faye came to share a shettie with us today. They both took to it like a duck to water – poo picking, walking the horses, grooming and even cleaning out the water trough – thank you girls!

Faye is recuperating from surgery but still took the ponies for a wander, enjoyed a cuddle with Thelma as well as a groom with Teddy.









Lydia is a groom in the making – completing the poo pick and really getting stuck in with the water trough cleaning as well as giving Duncan a much needed groom. …