Our Share a Shettie experience is a unique opportunity to spend time with a young friend or family member whilst caring for our lovely Shetland pony herd.

Children and their accompanying adult become a ‘groom for the day’ for the Shetlands with our team of supervisors – poo picking the fields, grooming, walking and feeding the ponies with a couple of small maintenance tasks too.  It’s a truly lovely way to share our smallest of equine residents and to teach our method of gentle and calm horse care – we are not sure who enjoys it the most – the ponies or the visitors!

Adults (over 18) are invited to bring a son, daughter, grandchild, godchild, niece, nephew or just a friend (7-17 years), along for the day and experience the joy of spending time with the horses. The session lasts 4 hours, including lunch (not provided) and a wonderful day is guaranteed.   A member of our team will be allocated to each couple and there will be a maximum of 4 couples per session.

The fee is just £25 per couple and the children will receive a certificate of thanks at the end of the day. Places are limited and will be allocated to the dates on a first come, first served basis. At the moment, the following are the available dates:

Friday 31st May

Thursday 1st August
Thursday 8th August
Thursday 29th August

Thursday 31st October

Share a Shettie days make ideal birthday presents or treats for the young people in your life. Places can be booked by emailing nicky@manechancesanctuary.org stating your first and second date preference and including name and age of child and your contact phone number.


We were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day for our recent Share a Shettie after all the wind and rain this week. Four very lucky young people along with their parents had a wonderful time caring for our herd of 8 shetlands.

In the morning they poo picked the field, spent quiet time with the shetlands, prepared haynets and grooming kit before bringing 4 of them into the barn for a good groom and then a walk around the sanctuary. After a well deserved lunch break and play with the various dogs on site that day, it was back to work.

The second 4 of our shetlands were groomed till their coats gleamed and were also walked around the sanctuary. Evening haynets were sorted, feed bowls cleaned, gooming kit cleaned and then off to the chickens to give them a good cuddle and collect their eggs. Happy tired young people were then reluctantly taken home.





We asked the children how they enjoyed their day and we had some lovely answers –

It was lovely working with Rocky as he over comes his fear of humans – Daisy

I loved working the shetlands around the sanctuary. – Sophie

Kissing Grimbo on the nose was the highlight of my day. – Alfie

Hamish was my favourite Shetland. Being able to go in with the chickens and pick them up, especially Dave the rooster, was also special. – Josh