Shetties Introduction

Hamish (Chestnut), Duncan (Dark Brown) and Teddy (Black) have completed their isolation period since arriving with us two weeks ago and have passed with flying colours! So today, we moved to stage 2 by introducing them to our other Shetlands – gently! They were walked by Maggie, Laura, Kelly and Heather up to the area next to our Shetland crew, so that they can all meet calmly over – or should I say as they are Shetties – under the fencing, nose to nose, and can get a good sniff of each other before they are put in together.


It’s a really safe and gentle way to introduce the horses and give them the chance to satisfy their curiosities about each other, without any possibilities of pushing and shoving! When we feel that they have made their acquaintances, we will integrate them together, but that will take as long as they need – they will let us know when they are ready! It’s fascinating to watch the behaviour – who is bravest and who is not, who is interested and who would rather eat grass!


The newbies trotted up with enthusiasm but when they actually came face to face, it was a little reserved – outside of each other, these are the first little ponies they have seen in nine years!! Grimbo was the first of our herd to pay them most attention, even escorting them on a lap of the tracks clearly pointing out the sights on the way – where the water troughs and shelters are, the sweetest grass – and where the best place is to stand and flutter your eyelashes at the passing volunteers so you get a cuddle and a scratch no doubt!! Then you will see confidence grow as they actually touch noses! Ending with a scent laying acceptance roll by Hamish to signify that they have arrived!


You can watch their introduction here. The video was taken in the first ten minutes of them meeting and ever since, they have been calmly grazing next to each other with the odd sniff under the fence along the way. We think this might be the start of some beautiful friendships………

If you would like to contribute to the upkeep and care of our three new arrivals you can Text SHET17 £2 to 70070 to donate to our Shetties Care Fund and make a difference today. You can donate any amount by just changing the figure after the £ symbol in your text, £1, £2, £5 whatever you can afford. Thanks so much in anticipation