Sponsors Day

As part of our Horse Sponsorship package, all our sponsors are invited to attend a tour of the horses and meet their sponsored horse on certain days in the year. This involves an update on the workings of the Sanctuary and what is planned for the future. Then the group of sponsors, which is normally a nice small group, is led up to the field where the main herds are and then down to the Shetland areas so everyone gets time to meet everyone.

Yesterday was a particularly lovely day as the main herd were all the way at the top of the hill and when Laura, our head groom, clapped her hands and called for them, they all came charging down the hill, around the tree and up behind the field shelter to come and meet everyone. As always, the young ones, Tinker, Soldier and Blue Boy led the charge and the rear was brought up by Tailor and Jay-J. They all then obligingly stood and posed for photos. They were so well behaved.





Next stop was our ‘Milmocean’ herd as we call them. One of the visitors had come from Wolverhampton. He has sponsored Millie for 3 years and noticed such a marked improvement in her behaviour. When he first came, he couldn’t get close to her as she was very nervous and terribly thin. She is now beautiful and full of confidence and was quite happy to let her sponsor give her a good scratch. It was lovely to see.

Finally, we went down to the shetties and as always, they all came over for a scratch and a cuddle. They are so so friendly and love nothing more than a bit of attention from visitors. They certainly know which side their bread is buttered on as people fawn over them. Another sponsor, who sponsors Daisy, hadn’t see her for a year and was thrilled to see her thriving. Last year, she suffered terribly from sweet itch and was very unhappy in her body protector suit whereas yesterday she was full of life and joy and happily interacting with people and shetties alike.






It is such a joy to see the pleasure people get from these visits. The love that all our horses have to give is beautiful and as a sponsor, getting to come on these small tours is a wonderful reward for such a small contribution. But these small contributions are what keep us going and we are so grateful to each and everyone of them. If you would like to sponsor any of our horses, please go to our page, http://www.manechancesanctuary.org/our-horses/ and pick out one of our beauties.