Update February 2

After ten days with us they have relaxed enough to feel comfortable to all lay down together – previously one of them always stood look out.

They will now come over whenever anyone comes in the field as they are interested – they usually stay just out of reach but they approach each time. Over the last couple of days, the greys have taken carrots/apples from people’s hands and this morning, for the first time, the chestnut did, then stood quietly with the volunteer and remained very calm. So we are slowly gaining their trust.

They have whinnied over to the other horses who have responded, so they are communicating with the other herds now, after having acknowledged their presence when they first arrived!

They have also seen machinery and equipment for the first time and are getting used to the two legged strangers coming and poo picking everyday around them!

They have come on leaps and bounds in the first ten days…….but there is still a long way to go.

We are desperate to give them a scratch, but moving the hand from the feeding position is a step too far still!