Update February 13

We are delighted to announce names for our latest arrivals to Mane Chance. Taking inspiration from their heritage (they are Welsh Section C ponies), we have chosen some Welsh names – Seren (star) for the chestnut and Carys (love), Eira (snow) and Lili (white lily) for the greys. Now it’s just a matter of being sure which is which – they are so similar!

Our four new ladies have settled incredibly well into the routine of Mane Chance already. They are no longer bemused by our equipment and they await with anticipation the staff and volunteers approaching to put the isolation suits on before going in to see them. As soon as anyone walks into the field, all four come trotting over to say hello; usually Seren is first – just to check out the human visitors in advance – but then she tends to stand a little further back whilst the others have the first attention, taking a moment longer to come into arm’s reach.










This week, we have taken a big step – all four will now eat without hesitation from our hands and they love to lick too! We have introduced them to feeding scoops, which they have all started to accept, which means we can give them some supplements to assist their immune systems a little – probiotics, garlic, turmeric etc. That in turn will allow us to be able to give them some gentle worming treatment. And wonderfully, we are starting to be able to give them a little scratch – a couple are just accepting tickles under the chin, but Seren and Carys are happy for strokes down the side of the face and under the neck. For horses who have only had a relationship with one or two people in their lives, and that was a little while ago now, this is a great step – they are already starting to trust us with contact and we couldn’t be more delighted.

We do need your help though. So, please, if you could donate anything, no matter how small, click here Four Mares Fund. It is so important to their ongoing improvement and future care. Thank you

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