Apples and Pears donation

Do you have an apple or pear tree in your garden that produces more fruit than you need?

If so, and you live in the Surrey area, you could help Mane Chance raise extra money by donating your excess fruit to the Garden Cider Company.

Each year, we take the excess apples and pears from our Sanctuary orchard to the Garden Cider Company and a year later, they give us cider in return - it's that easy!  We are then able to sell it at our licensed events to raise funds for the charity.

Every kilogram of fruit that we give to them means more cider is made for us (hence more fundraising) - and you could add your fruit to our total.  It's a great way to help us but also ensure that none of the lovely fruit from your trees goes to waste!

The Garden Cider Company is located in Chiddingfold and they advertise their drop off times on their website.  The fruit has to be in a good condition (a good test is whether you would be happy to eat it) but if you are able to drop into them and say your donation is for Mane Chance, they will add the weight of your fruit to our account!

It's a win win - you support us but also nature does too!

For more information on the Garden Cider Company (and for details on when they are able to accept fruit), please visit their website.  If you have any questions on this scheme, don't hesitate to contact us.

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