Thank you to Blue Chip Feed

We are thrilled to have developed a relationship with Blue Chip Feed Limited, one of the most trusted and recognised Equine Feed and Supplements Brands in the UK.  We were attracted to them as they share so much of our approach - they have ethical accreditation from the Ethical Company Organisation due to their care of not only the horses, but the environment and the community too.  This means that they are in the top 33% of ethically ranked companies in their sector.

Blue Chip have welcomed us with open arms and are not only offering us very good prices for their products; but they are also giving us some great advice on feeding and taking a real interest in the work that we are doing on site with our horses and their home.  In return, we are happy to share stories and case studies of how we observe any change in our horses that are enjoying their products and my goodness, they are enjoying them!  So it's a win win for all of us!

Working partnerships with companies such as Blue Chip are so important to us - obviously it helps us to keep the costs down which is great; but also we are able to discuss our Sanctuary in detail and obtain specialist advice and tips too - for which we are very appreciative!

To find out more about Blue Chip Feed, please visit their website!

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