Carol Service 2019

Christmas Carol Service

Our annual carol service was held at St Peter and St Paul's Church in Godalming on Sunday 8th December.  We were so lucky to have a number of friends performing for us and Jenny was joined by our wonderful patrons, Hilary O'Neil, Sara Crowe and Beau Dermott.  Damien Edwards (who sings on our video) also came to perform and this year, we were joined by Andrew Lancel too.  Mind you, it felt like one of our other Patrons, Joe Pasquale, was also with us as Hilary did the most amazing impression of him during her performance!  Brilliant!  Plus our friends in the junior choir of St Hilary's School were back to help us and melted everyone's hearts.

Four of our Shetland ponies (Daisy, Thelma, Minnie and Teddy) acted as meet and greet outside the church before the event and they made lots of friends as everyone said hello to them as they arrived - the ponies adored all the attention that they received. Two of our community children, James and Mia, expertly led Minnie and Teddy in to the church at the beginning of the service and they walked impeccably up the aisle to the front where bucket of treats were waiting for them, before returning to the Sanctuary.

The theme of the evening was fun and kindness and our performers and carols certainly heralded in the festive season with smiles!  St Hilary's Junior School were wonderful and Beau simply took the roof off the church with her singing - she is amazing.

Jenny spoke about the work that we have been doing with our horses and within the community.  All of our readers and singers brought such warmth and friendship to the event, that it was a really lovely evening for everyone to share.

We were so proud of our Shetland ponies and our team and would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the event a success.  Thank you to our staff and volunteers that groomed and prepared the horses and for transporting them to the church.  Thank you also to all the volunteers that baked, served and helped on the night - it was a real team effort.  And finally, thank you to the team at the church that hosted us so well - we do love being there!

We hope that those of you that were able to join us had a lovely time and that it was the start of your Christmas too - thank you for your support!


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