Declutter and Donate

Virgin Giving have teamed up with Ziffit to provide a free, lockdown-based way to declutter your home whilst also raising money for Mane Chance.

It's free to you.

It's free to us.

It's safe for you.

It helps us raise vital funds.

All you have to do is sort through your shelves and cupboards of books, DVDs and CDs and decide what you no longer need or want.

Download the free app and scan/enter the bar code from the item to get an instant value for it.  Pack your items, ready for collection.

Complete your online transaction, arrange a pickup, print off the delivery label if you can (to ensure contactless collection) and wait for your DPD collection.

The funds you have earned for your items will be donated to us within 7 days - and you can even claim gift aid too!

It's simple, it's free and we are very grateful for anything raised!  We know it is hard to keep being asked for money at this difficult time, so we hope this is a great way that you can help us raise vital funds whilst also having a bit of a spring clean - and it doesn't cost you a penny to take part!

Please support this fantastic initiative - without leaving the house, you can help to ensure that we continue to look after our animals, their home and our community!

Thank you!

 Please click here to get started........and enjoy your declutter!

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