Our Urgent Hay Appeal

We need your help more than ever!

Unfortunately, we have a crisis on our hands.  The poor hay-growing conditions of the past few years coupled with the ongoing unsettled weather has resulted in a national hay shortage.  The price of hay is soaring, supplies in quantity are hard to find and we have hit the perfect storm – we neither have good grass growth on site to feed the animals ourselves nor can source reasonably priced hay to compensate for it.

Due to the extreme wet weather conditions at Christmas, followed by snow and subsequent thaw, and a very cold and dry start to the year hay production has been hugely affected. For many farmers, they would have already made their first cut of hay, but the weather conditions since Christmas have meant their hay simply hasn't grown.

With 38 horses to feed our hay bill is going to be extortionate, but with your support we can raise the funds to buy the hay we need to see us through the summer.  Until now we have been paying on approximately £3 per bale of hay, but with the soaring costs this could rise to as much as £7 per bale. With 38 horses to feed, we use between 7-10 bales of hay each day - so our hay bill is going to be much bigger than expected this year.

We would be so grateful if you could spare a few pounds to help us keep our horses fed by donating what you can to our Urgent Hay Appeal.

Thank you for anything that you are able to give…...

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