Our Urgent Hay Appeal

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are so delighted to announce that we have reached our Hay Appeal Target.  Not only is this an incredible achievement in these current times, but, because we topped the £9000 target, we have succeeded in the challenge set to us by a grant funder!

The Petplan Charitable Trust pledged that if we could raise £9k ourselves, they would top it up to £10k!!

This means that we can be secure in the knowledge that we have enough money to buy a full year's supply of hay - what an amazing feeling!

Thank you to all of you that donated and shared our appeal.  Without your support, this target would simply not have been reached.

Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back (as we can't reach you all!!!) and please be proud that collectively, you have ensured our horses will have full bellies, warmth and nibbles for the next 12 months because of your efforts!

Thank you Family Mane Chance!

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