Little Jo

Year of birth 1997
Height 15.3 hh
Date arrived at Mane Chance 2021
Gender Gelding
Description in one word Gentle
Equine best friend: Blesk

Little Jo came to Mane Chance as we were asked to help the RSPCA who had horses in their care following the closure of another Sanctuary.  He was not in a great condition, was very underweight and was riddled with sarcoids on his chest, which has taken a lot of patience and care to treat.  Whilst the sarcoids will never go away, they are now much less fiery and not weeping anymore, so a lot more comfortable for him – he is even starting to grow hairs on his chest again!  He also had suffered an eye injury prior to coming to us and as part of the emergency treatment, he had his third eyelid removed.  This means that his eye is very sensitive as the third eyelid helps to protect the eye from bright light, dust and of course, flies - without it, if not helped, he would suffer from constant itchy irritation and headaches.  So as well as treating him with eye drops, he also now wears a fly mask and will do so forever (now) – it doesn’t bother him at all, but it means that we are helping to do the job of the missing eyelid for him and he is able to live comfortably with his herd, rather than shaking his head because he was itchy or having to stand in the shade on his own because the light was too bright.  Despite all of this, Jo is one of the sweetest horses you could wish to meet – now we are on top of most of his ailments, his personality shines bright, and he is gentle and kind, simply lapping up all (of) the attention he is given, and he is a firm favourite of many of our volunteers and visitors.

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