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We are delighted to share our news and events with you, together with updates on projects that we are working on at the Sanctuary.  In addition, we would like to introduce you to our Mane Chance heroes, who have done something amazing for our charity.

Read more about what is happening at the Sanctuary by selecting the items below.

Would you like to join our grooming team?

We are looking to recruit a full time groom at the Sanctuary to join our team in looking after our wonderful horses! 

Our virtual open day 2020

Welcome to Mane Chance!

Launching AQA Awards at Mane Chance

We are thrilled to announce that we will be able to deliver AQA unit awards as part of our community work from the Autumn.

The Best of British Show

What an amazing evening on the Thames surrounded by extraordinary talent!  

National Animal Day Variety Show - Sunday 23rd August at 8pm via Youtube



Animal Fun Word search

This wordsearch has the names of many animals hidden in it - can you find them?

Our Mane Chance Hero - Jo

We would like to introduce you to Jo, one of our treasured volunteers who braved the clippers to raise funds for us!

Horsing Around Word search

This wordsearch has many words associated with horses hidden in it - can you find them?

Mane Chance Horses Quiz

Can you identify our Mane Chance horses from the clues? 

Animal Anagrams Quiz

Can you rearrange the letters to spell out the names of living creatures that you find on land, in the air or in the water?

Animal Crossword

How many of these well-known animal characters do you know?  Pick your brains with our coffee-break crossword.

Where are all the little people?

One of our supporters, Lynne Chitty, has written a story for us, inspired by the current lockdown.

"Buzz Bee, the Amazing Honey Bee" read by Virginia McKenna

Listen to our friend Virginia McKenna reading a lovely childrens story by Sue Hart. 

Crossword Teaser

If you need something to accompany your cuppa, why not print off our crossword and see how many you can solve?

Wordsearch small

This wordsearch has the names of our Shetlands hidden in it - can you find them?

Colouring Fun

Enjoy colouring this lovely magic unicorn.

Wordsearch large

Can you find the names of all our animals in our wordsearch?

Colouring Fun

Enjoy colouring this lovely flying horse

Colouring Fun

Enjoy colouring this lovely pony playing with a bee.

Colouring Fun

Enjoy colouring this lovely drawing of a pony and her foal.

Colouring Fun

Enjoy finishing and then colouring this unicorn.

Our Mane Chance Hero - Bob

We would like to introduce you to Bob, our loyal and dedicated ambassador.

Our latest Newsletter

Read our latest newsletter to keep up to date with all the happenings at the Sanctuary.


New Year's Day Walk

We welcomed many faces to the Sanctuary on New Year's day - adults, children and dogs!  They enjoyed a stroll around our site and some earned refreshments in the barn at the end - thank you to everyone who came and supported us!

A Christmas gift suggestion for horse lovers

Do you have someone that likes horses that is impossible to buy a Christmas gift for?  

Our Mane Chance Hero - Di

We were so proud when Di was awarded a Volunteer Service Award at Surrey County Council last month.

Shetland Project

Please read all about the newest development at Mane Chance - an area specifically designed and created for the smallest of our equine residents.

Our Mane Chance Hero - Lynne

The Rev Lynne Chitty may live in Devon, but she is a dedicated supporter of Mane Chance, raising money a number of ways.

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter

Read our Spring newsletter to learn all about the happenings at the Sanctuary.


Our Summer 2019 Newsletter

Read our Summer 2019 newsletter for more information about the Sanctuary.


Our Spring 2019 Newsletter

Read our Spring 2019 newsletter for more information about the Sanctuary.


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