Shetland Project

A couple of years ago, like many Shetland Pony owners, we felt we were facing a losing battle with the weather and the lushness of our grazing for our smallest residents who are prone to obesity and laminitis.

What we needed was an area that did not have the sweet Surrey grass variety for them to nibble, but a hardier less sugary variety much more akin to the Shetland Isles themselves.  Shetlands love to forage and to roam and if they did show signs of laminitis, it would be ideal to have controlled low-sugar feeding in an area bare of all natural, sweet vegetation.

The idea of the Shetland Project was born!

Over the next couple of years, we researched grass varieties, we raised the finances to fund such an ambitious project, we opened up part of our woodland for foraging opportunities and we created our dream - an area designed for our ponies but also an area for our visitors to be able to spend quality time with them in their natural environment.

We were delighted to be able to invite our now Patron Michael Crawford CBE, to open this new area at our Family Fun Day in August 2019.  Our Shetland herd have moved in to their new home and love it and can often be found foraging and exploring as well as spending time with our visitors.

We will be monitoring the progress of the area over time and will report back as we hope this will be an example of best practice that others can adopt.

But for now, please read and enjoy the attached document - the story of our new Shetland Project Area at Mane Chance.

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