Our Mane Chance Hero - Bob

Bob has been involved with Mane Chance for a number of years.  He (together with his daughter, Dawn) was instrumental in the rescue of two pregnants mares, Gwen and Phyllis, who came to the Sanctuary and soon gave birth to Blueboy and Bobbie Tulsa respectively.  Gwen is the best example of what Mane Chance can be and it's thanks to Bob that we have her with us - she has become a truly inspirational and remarkable horse that we totally adore!

Bob has tirelessly worked to support the Charity since we met him.  He brought with him lots of practical skills and has been a part of many projects over the years.  He has also been a familiar face at events - both at the Sanctuary and off-site - and he somehow always manages to coax a few extra pennies out of those that attend!!

Bob also has put his best foot forward by completing many sponsored walks for us and when he is not pounding the streets, he leads the placing of collection tins around the County to raise money too.

Bob turns 83 years old later this year and shows no sign of slowing or stopping - thank goodness!  He is a treasured ambassador and a great friend to Mane Chance.

Thank you Bob - you are a Mane Chance hero!


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