About Mane Chance Sanctuary

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and old horses, integrating them with the local community.

We regularly host visits from terminally ill children, those with special needs and other underprivileged youngsters fulfilling our aim of helping horses help people.

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This is Grimbo

Grimbo was rescued from the meat market. There is a trade in sending shetlands to the continent for horse meat consumption.

Grimbo has a natural gift for connecting with our young visitors. he knows to stand still and help them. To see Grimbo and his friend Mr Smith in action, please watch our video.


Grimbo sharing his magic

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The Trustee Perspective

Jenny and I worked together as Directors of Born Free Foundation for about ten years, prior to my retirement from business. I now live on a peaceful hill in Herefordshire with my wife, three dogs, fifteen chickens and a handsome Lavender Orpington cockerel, called Charles, whose photo is opposite.

I run a small ‘not for profit’ organization which helps charities with advice on construct and governance advice.

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Sophie Christiansen

“The special bond between horses and humans is something to behold.
I support Mane Chance because they care for horses whose bond has been mistreated.

The regained trust then can be used to connect with young people who have been through the same challenges in life, teaching them about communication, empathy and respect.”

Sophie Christiansen OBE – patron of MCS


Our Vision

We have a passion, a dream, that through the work we do for people in need with our horses, we will be able to “prove the value of the horse as a healer”.

There are over 7000 horses abandoned all over this country, either because people can no longer afford to keep them or because when the Tesco burger scandal happened, the bottom fell out of the quietly existing horsemeat market. Princess Anne took the bull by the horns and suggested a horses’ value would be greater if we changed our culture and added horse meat to our national diet. Of course if a horse is being looked after and fed to fatten it up this makes sense, but it is not something we could possibly support. However the thought behind it caused much in house deliberation and brainstorming.

You can find out more about how we started Mane Chance Sanctuary by watching this video



Our Ethos

To truly Respect and care for our animals on every level – physically and emotionally and to apply the same respect and care to our colleagues, volunteers and supporters, putting ourselves in their shoes wherever we can. With True Empathy comes real partnership.

Our work is based on Trust; we continuously develop the animals trust and that of our colleagues, volunteers, supporters and of the public generally.

To Include people of all abilities and backgrounds in the work we do as a charity.

To create an atmosphere where co-operation, learning and sharing are encouraged, nurtured and supported.

To conduct our affairs with honesty, integrity and transparency.

To appropriately acknowledge the contribution of others.

To accept responsibility for one’s own actions.




Get Involved

We rely on the generosity of the public in donating both their time and money in supporting the work of the sanctuary. If you would like to become a Mane Chance volunteer we would love to hear from you, no matter how much or how little time you have to spare.

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