AQA Unit Awards at Mane Chance

Our ethos is of inclusivity and by working with young people outside of their usual environment in the calmness of our tracks and fields with the horses, where they are able to be themselves without peer pressure or judgement, we have found that we are able to encourage new skills and capabilities of all those we work with. 

Our approach is to celebrate the abilities of each person, rather than their limitations.  There is no pass and fail at Mane Chance as we focus solely on the individual achievements that can be gained, allowing for the fact that some progress faster than others. 

We are therefore delighted to have teamed up with AQA, an organisation offering unit awards for achievement.  Used widely in education and charity sectors, the awards are aimed at those who are struggling in life or to function in mainstream education or those who are unlikely to attain traditional levels of recognised qualifications, such as GCSEs and A Levels. Instead it offers recognition of what they are able to achieve. 

With AQA, we can offer bespoke awards related to animal care, rehabilitation and site work, focussing on developing the participant to learn not only skills of looking after our animals and their home but also promote the notion of self-kindness and confidence.  Working with our team and the horses, chickens and dogs, the experience and knowledge gained by completing our units is then celebrated by the presentation of an achievement certificate for each award gained.

Recognised across the country, whilst these awards are not qualifications as such, they demonstrate that the participant has a capacity to learn, engage and perform and are a sign of achievement that they can take to interviews etc to support future work and applications for other opportunities.

The Mane Chance programme of units has been written by our staffing team and is available to those who are attending support sessions at the Sanctuary.  For an annual payment of £25.00 (in addition to the Sanctuary session fees), Mane Chance can enrol a learner onto the whole programme of unit awards - and then the fun begins.

For more information, please visit the AQA website or contact us to find out more.

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