Celebrate with a Tree

At Mane Chance, we try to look after the home of our horses as much as we look after the horses themselves – it is so crucial to their continued wellbeing!  We constantly strive to improve the land so that our horses can remain as fit and healthy as possible, whilst living in a natural environment too - not to mention how important it is for the planet as a whole!

We have embarked on a large tree and hedgerow planting programme at the Sanctuary to provide shade and wind protection for our horses and to encourage nature’s smaller creatures to live amongst them on the land as well.  At the same time, we hope that this will bring even more beauty and calm to the tranquil setting that is Mane Chance.

You can help us!

£60 will plant an equine friendly tree

£35 will plant a section of hedgerow

To celebrate the life of your animal or pet, you can buy and dedicate a young tree or new section of hedgerow to them at the Sanctuary as a lasting memory of the love and friendship that they gave you.

Your donated tree or hedging will be planted and a personalised plaque will be displayed at the Sanctuary for all to see.  On the plaque, you are invited to dedicate it to an animal that has shared your life, touched you and brought you joy.

Planting trees and hedging is such a valuable programme for us to enhance and protect the development of our Sanctuary.  Not only will we remember the animals that brought happiness to us in the past, but we will provide an environment that can be appreciated by our equine residents and visitors for many years to come – we believe that this is a fitting tribute!

Visit our online shop to buy a tree or section of hedgerow for the Sanctuary or contact us for more information.


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Mistletoe tree
Millie and hedge
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