Our vision:

We believe there is no place for dominance in horse care and equally that horses have great value as teachers and healers. Through working with and helping people in the way we do, we aim to lead by example and change the wider public’s perception of the value of the horse. We actively encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences in achieving our aims.

Our mission statement:

To provide sanctuary and relief from suffering for horses, while promoting humane behaviour to all animals and mutually-beneficial relationships with people who need them.

Our aims and objectives:

  • To relieve the suffering of animals, in particular equines, who are in need of care and attention, by providing permanent or temporary sanctuary, care and treatment.
  • To provide relief for children, young people and vulnerable people, suffering from physical and/or mental disability, through the provision of managed work with equines in a therapeutic environment to help meet their needs and to enable them to participate more fully in society; also to increase the confidence and capacity of children, young people and vulnerable people in need of support through interaction with the horses.
  • To advise and educate the public on matters concerning the welfare of horses and ponies and to set the standard in natural horsemanship.

Our ethos:

  • To truly Respect and care for our animals on every level – physically and emotionally and to apply the same respect and care to our colleagues, volunteers and supporters, putting ourselves in their shoes wherever we can.
  • With True Empathy comes real partnership.
  • Our work is based on Trust; we continuously develop the animals trust and that of our colleagues, volunteers, supporters and of the public generally.
  • To Include people of all abilities and backgrounds in the work we do as a charity.
  • To create an atmosphere where co-operation, learning and sharing are encouraged, nurtured and supported.
  • To conduct our affairs with honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • To appropriately acknowledge the contribution of others.
  • To accept responsibility for one’s own actions.
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Jenny and Louise
Duncan and friends
Sharing a water trough

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