MC Stars

Could you be an MC Star?

We have a subscription club aimed at children between 6 and 11 years old.

When you become an MC Star, you will receive:

  • Your certificate of membership
  • Your MC Stars passport
  • Your MC Stars badge

Each month, you will receive a newsletter via email which will be packed with information about horses and other animals, the horses living at Mane Chance, fun facts and more.  There will even be an activity you can do or make and a puzzle to enjoy.

In the summer, you will be invited to an MC Star day at the Sanctuary - a chance to meet other MC Stars and to spend some time with our horses too.

On every newsletter, you will find a picture of one of our horses to cut out and stick into your passport.  As the year of your membership goes on, you will gather 12 pictures of Mane Chance horses to complete your collection.

Plus, if you visit Mane Chance at any point during the year, please remember to wear your badge and bring your passport.  This will show everyone that you are a MC Star and we will also stamp your passport to say you have been to see us.

It costs £30 for a year's subscription to MC Stars!

Become a MC Star here now!

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