'Dolphin Song' by Lauren St John

When disaster strikes a school trip, Martine and her classmates are left fighting for their lives in shark-infested waters, until dolphins guide them to a coral-ringed island. Here the castaways, at odds with each other, must learn to survive.

Will Martine’s secret gift allow her to help both animals and humans when a deadly peril threatens them? And will those powers be with her when she needs them most?

In this second African adventure Martine’s courage and bushcraft skills are tested to the limits as, marooned in the ocean, far from home, she wonders whether she will ever see her beloved white giraffe again.

Written by our patron and acclaimed author, Lauren St John, this delightful children's book is ideal for young readers from 8 upwards and is a second book in the "White Giraffe" Series



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