Legacy of Love

Legacy of Love

This beautiful, unique book brings together 57 charity founders, actors, poets, artists and photographers, each contributing a chapter explaining and celebrating their love of animals in personal words and stunning pictures.

A quality hardback book (350mm x 245mm), it contains 328 wonderful pages of art and photography with sometimes witty, sometimes serious words, but always from experience and passion.

It is printed in the UK on FSC certified paper to reduce the carbon footprint.

Sold in aid of animal charities throughout the world, Mane Chance is delighted to not only feature in the book through the contribution of Jenny, but also to be one of the book beneficiaries.

By giving us permission to sell this amazing book on our website, the money from your purchase will come entirely to Mane Chance.

The book is carefully packed and shipped from the Legacy of Love team (with their associated shipping charges).

We are so thrilled to be part of this wonderful collaboration of words and pictures that honours and celebrates the role that animals play in our lives.

This is a keepsake, a coffee table book and as the title says......a legacy.

We hope that you enjoy it!

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