Martin Shaw

"I like most people have always loved animals. What deepened the feeling was becoming a vegetarian 50 years ago, and releasing myself from the process of killing, and so denying my natural place in the beautiful order of nature. Every walk became a new discovery of partnership and empathy with my fellow travellers.

An invitation to try horse riding led me to a relationship with a very large gentle companion who taught me how best to sit on his back and then to gradually understand each other’s minds.  My career led me to several roles which involved horses, but things moved on exponentially when I was cast in Roman Polanski’s film of “Macbeth” and I found myself in the hands of a Horse Master who introduced me to the finer points of the deep and wonderful relationship available to me with these astonishing creatures.

Over my very long career I’ve ridden into battle, led a trusting bush pony through mangrove swamps, galloped a race horse along a narrow ridge, and many, many more encounters and adventures that deepened my respect and admiration for one of our oldest and most faithful companions. They are anxious to serve, understand, and play with us, and I’m grateful to my friend Jenny Seagrove and the team at Mane Chance for nurturing and sharing so many of our old comrades."

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Martin Shaw

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