Share a Shettie Session

Share a Shettie Session

Adults (over 18) are invited to bring a son, daughter, grandchild, godchild, niece, nephew or just a friend (7-17 years), along for the day and experience the joy of spending time with the horses – each couple being hosted by one of our team. The session lasts 4 hours, including lunch (not provided) and a wonderful day is guaranteed.

If you are booking the Share a Shettie session as a gift, you are able to purchase a greetings card to give to the recipient.  Please tick the box to choose this option and we will send the gift card to your address. 

Date of session
Name of participant(s) for certificate *
Name of accompanying adult(s) *
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Gift card and envelope (+ £1.75)

Please tick the box to receive a gift card


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