'The Elephant's Tale' by Lauren St John

'The Elephant's Tale' by Lauren St John

'The Elephant's Tale' by Lauren St John - Patron of Mane Chance.

When a sinister stranger threatens Martine’s home at Sawubona Game Reserve and her beloved white giraffe, Jemmy, she is determined to try everything in her power to save them. To do that she and her best friend, Ben, must risk their lives by travelling to the Namibian desert. There they stumble across a secret so terrible it threatens the existence of every person and animal in the land. Can they trust the mysterious San Bushman boy, Gift? And is the fate of twenty missing elephants linked to Sawubona?

In this fourth, thrilling African adventure, Martine and Ben have just thirteen days to find the truth or lose the wildlife sanctuary and animals they love.

This delightful children's book is ideal for young readers from 8 upwards who have a love of animals.......or if they don't, they soon will!



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