Recycle your old stamps to raise money.

Whether they’re British or overseas, new or used, you can turn your old postage stamps into money for Mane Chance.

For each kilogram of stamps donated, we can expect to receive around £20, so please encourage your friends and family, at home and abroad, to save their stamps for us too.  It costs nothing and is a nice way to recycle all those stamps that drop through your door!

How it works

  • Collect stamps by cutting them out of letters (please leave no more than 1cm of envelope around them when you cut them out, but don’t cut the perforations).
  • Request a Mane Chance customised pre-paid envelope from Xchange Master Ltd by emailing:
  • Once you receive your pre-paid envelope, fill it with your used stamps following the instructions that will accompany the envelope, and return to Xchange Master Ltd. You can request more envelopes each time you return a filled one.
  • Xchange Master Ltd will make donations directly to Mane Chance throughout the year.

It's an easy way to help us from the comfort of your home and to recycle at the same time!

Hope you have fun collecting - and thank you too!

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