Wendy Turner Webster

Wendy Turner Webster is a TV Presenter and Producer whose most recent shows include 'Crafty Beggars' and 'Brits Rescue Romanian Dogs'. Her career started with Channel 4’s 'Pet Rescue' and 'Absolutely Animals' and she has been passionate about animal welfare for as long as she can remember. 

Her childhood home in Staffordshire seemed to be a magnet for stray animals and visitors who needed a new home included two guinea pigs, a parrot, a tortoise, several cats, a dog, a canary, a budgerigar, a rabbit… and a pony! Of all the animals who had found their way into the garden it was the pony who caused the most surprise; Wendy’s dad looked out of the kitchen window early one morning and did a double take at the sight of a skewbald pony munching away at the grass. Like a lot of the other waifs and strays the pony (Robbie) was kept and cared for until it was time to grow wings and head for the great animal sanctuary in the sky.

Wendy has been vegan for 28 years and is delighted not to eat or wear animals!

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Wendy Turner Webster

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