Sponsorship Gift Voucher

Basic Sponsorship Gift Voucher

This voucher is for one year's basic horse sponsorship package at Mane Chance.  The gift will allow your recipient to visit our website, learn about all of our rescued horses and choose which horse they would like to support.

Following their choice, we will set up the membership and send out their welcome pack, including a certificate and photo of their horse.

They will receive regular communication and will be invited to come and meet their horse on a number of occasions throughout the year.

This is a special opportunity for any animal lover to directly support the care of a rescued animal, but also to learn about their progress and to come and meet them too!

When you purchase this gift, you will receive a greetings card to give to your recipient with full details of what they need to do!

Please click in the box below and let us know who you are buying this gift for so we know to expect a message from them when they have chosen their horse. 

For more detailed information on our sponsorship programme, please visit our sponsorship page.

Please type in the name of the person you are buying this voucher for

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Help Us Help Them - Hard Feed and Herb Supplements
Help Us Help Them - Hard Feed and Herb Supplements

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