Year of birth 2008
Height 8.2 hh
Date arrived at Mane Chance 2019
Gender Gelding
Description in one word Protective
Equine best friend: Minnie

Barnaby came to us with Minnie, another Shetland in June 2019. They have both had a life of service, working for a family that took animals to events for parties, fetes, shows etc.  Unfortunately, their owners’ circumstances changed and they needed to find all of their animals a home, but were desperate for these two to stay together.  Mane Chance became the only lifeline for Barnaby and Minnie as the family had run out of options, funds were dwindling rapidly and the date of their own relocation to France had passed.  So we stepped in to help.

Initially Barnaby was extremely protective of Minnie and whilst not the most confident horse himself, he often kicked out at the other Shetlands if they tried to say hello to her.  It took a little while for him to trust the rest of the herd and gradually the pressure lifted from his shoulders, the distance he allowed between himself and Minnie grew and he felt comfortable for them both to integrate more.  He is now much more relaxed and is forging his own friendships in the herd, although he has always got one eye on Minnie to check that she is ok.  Barnaby is a gentle pony and is clearly enjoying his more natural lifestyle at Mane Chance which gives him a little more freedom than before - his individual personality is now shining through.

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