Children's Gifts

Child's Four Mares short-sleeved t-shirt
Child's Four Mares t-shirt
Horse Pendant
Hand crafted soapstone horse pendant.
Child's Shetland Pony T-shirt
Children's short-sleeved Shetland Pony t-shirt
Fluffy Horse
Fluffy horse available in three colours
'Dolphin Song' by Lauren St John
"Dolphin Song" by Lauren St John.
'The One Dollar Horse' by Lauren St John
"The One Dollar Horse" by Lauren St John.
'Race the Wind' by Lauren St John
"Race the Wind" by Lauren St John.
'Fire Storm' by Lauren St John
"Fire Storm" by Lauren St John.
'Anthony Ant saves the Day' by Lauren St John
"Anthony Ant saves the Day" by Lauren St John.
'A Friend for Christmas' by Lauren St John
"A Friend for Christmas" by Lauren St John.
Large Fluffy Horse
Large Fluffy horse available in three colours
Fluffy Chick
Fluffy yellow chick toy.
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy white unicorn
Unicorn door hanger
Pretty unicorn door hanger.
Miniature Unicorn
Give the gift of a miniature unicorn - in it's own little bag!
'Chase Dreams' Tin
Lovely metal 'Chase Dreams' tin.
Farmyard Wooden Puzzle
Children's farmyard wooden puzzle.
Countryside Stickers
Countryside Sticker Scene
Die-Cast Metal Tractors and Trailers
Two die-cast metal tractors with trailers and moving parts.
'The White Giraffe' by Lauren St John
"The White Giraffe" by Lauren St John.

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