Year of birth 2013 (approx)
Height 13.1 hh
Date arrived at Mane Chance 2015
Gender Mare
Description in one word Naive
Equine best friend: Ziggy

Louise was one of two mares we rescued together – an unusual coupling as one was a Shetland and one a fully grown cob! The mares had been abandoned and were found wandering in Dunsfold in the middle of the night.  A friendly farmer, concerned for their safety in the darkness, encouraged them onto his land and then called us!  We nursed them back to health - Louise had chronic sweet itch, sores, matted and clumped hair and looked very bedraggled.  However with lots of TLC she soon returned to full health and she continues to thrive. Louise is sometimes a bit of a loner and we have worked hard to improve her sociability both with humans and equines, and she is showing real improvement.  It’s taken a while to get her confidence with the simplest of things but she is so eager to please and she is getting there.  She is also becoming such a friendly horse now, choosing to spend more and more time around the team and visitors alike.  She still stands a little way back preferring to observe rather than take part in things, but she is improving and is getting more confident by the day!


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