Year of birth 2011 (approx)
Height 13.2 hh
Date arrived at Mane Chance 2012
Gender Mare
Description in one word Confident
Equine best friend: Bobbie-Tulsa

When we first met Phyllis with her mum Gwen, they were loose on common land, were both carrying foals and were uncatchable.  Within a few weeks of arriving at Mane Chance, Phyllis gave birth to Bobbie Tulsa and Gwen to Blueboy.  As Phyllis herself had been born wild and had not been handled until she came to Mane Chance, there was much to do in order to get her settled.  She had deep trust issues and needed time and patience to learn that she was now safe and secure. Over time, she became more manageable and has proved herself to be a lovely pony who has had to grow up very quickly.  Being such a young mother, which was far too stressful for a young body, it has led to its own complications for Phyllis, but she is essentially now a very healthy mare.  She doesn’t have quite the same sensitivities as Gwen, but she certainly inherited the strength of her mother and is not one to stand back when she wants to make a point with the others – she can be a force to be reckoned with!  And she can also be quite a flirtatious horse – she can sense the arrival of a new gelding from metres away and is always the first at the fence to introduce herself to the new boy!

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